About Us

Soil Nepal is the online Geospatial Analysis System that helps to generate GIS map automatically. This software automatically generates the potential districts of cultivating specified crop by the input of specified condition like Elevation, Temperature, Soil pH, Rainfall, Soil texture etc required for growing the crop. The potential districts along with their area can be obtained on GIS map.

This software is specially created for researchers, decision and policy maker, commercial farmers for obtaining the GIS Map of suitable districts for cultivation of specified crop. Furthermore, Under the Log in Mode, GIS mapping on 1 KM2 Grid based, Crop specified cultivable land, and Crop adaptation for Climate change can be analyzed. For this software, Backend support has been provided by Mr. Sushil Lamichhane (GIS and Remote Sensing Scientist, NARC) and Dr. Umesh Acharya (Senior Scientist-Horticulture supply chain specialist, NARC).